Financial Support

Math & Stat Graduate Assistantships

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers several types of graduate assistantships for M.S. and Ph.D. students.

Graduate students can apply for

  • Graduate Lab Assistantship (GLA)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)
  • Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

Ph.D. students can also apply for

  • Brains and Behavior (B&B) Fellowship
  • Molecular Basis of Disease (MBD) Fellowship
  • University 2CI Doctoral Fellowship

The department has the following deadlines for applying for financial support:

  • Fall and Summer Semesters: February 15.
  • Spring Semester: October 15.

  • A Ph.D. student can have a maximum of 3 or 5 years of support as a Ph.D. graduate assistant. The precise limit depends on the credit hours transferred to the program. A student transferring the equivalent of an M.S. (24 hours) will be limited to 3 years of support. A student transferring no credit will be eligible for 5 years support.
  • The B&B and the MBD Fellowships are limited to a maximum of 3 years.
  • An M.S. student can have a maximum of two years as a graduate assistant.
  • To become a GTA, it is necessary to have completed 18 hours of graduate level courses in Math/Stat and to have taken Math 9116 (Teaching College Mathematics). Prospective international student GTAs are also required to take ESL 7500 (Teaching at the University for International Teaching Assistants).

  • A student with M.S. GLA or Ph.D. GLA support will be assigned to instructional duties with an expectation of 15 hours of work per week.
  • An M.S. GTA is expected to teach three classes per academic year.
  • A Ph.D. GTA is expected to teach three courses per academic year.
  • A student with B&B or MBD support will be expected to teach one course per year and to work 20 hours per week on teaching and research. Unless it is related to research and specifically approved by the appropriate graduate director, a student with a B&B or MBD assistantship should not take on an additional job to obtain outside funding. The restriction on outside funding prohibits funding from other departments within the university.

It is crucial that a graduate assistant meets the obligations of the assistantship. Failure to satisfactorily perform the duties can, at the discretion of the Associate Chair, result in the termination of the assistantship.

  • An M.S. GLA will be paid at least $7,000 per academic year.
  • An M.S. GTA will be paid at least $9,000 per academic year.
  • A Ph.D. GLA will be paid at least $10,000 per academic year.
  • A Ph.D. GTA will be paid at least $15,000 per academic year.
  • A Ph.D. student with B&B, MBD, or 2CI Fellowship will be paid $22,000 per calendar year.

Limited summer GLA and GTA positions may be available. Interested students should submit applications to the Graduate Director or the Associate Chair.

College of Arts and Sciences has a minimum enrollment level for students receiving a tuition waiver:

Fall/Spring Summer
Ph.D. student 18 hours 15 hours
M.S. student 18 hours 9 hours

Students should contact the appropriate graduate director to be assigned to courses to make up any additional needed hours.